What is SEO?

SEO is one of those terms that’s thrown around by web developers and computer geeks who are ‘in the know, they tell you that you need it and they’re right. But, do you know what it actually is? Thought not... SEO is an acronym which stands for ‘search engine...

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The Keywords Meta Tag is Still Used

Even though Google and other search engines do not use the keywords meta tag, many search engines still do. Three examples for using the keywords meta tag are: 1. To include synonyms of words that are not included in the content of your page. People search on many...

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SEO and your domain name

Include keyword in Domain name (using hyphens if necessary). This doesn't mean having a domain name like try to stick to the one hyphen and not read as spammy. A good example is a site that sells fitted windows with the URL of the...

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